Fiction, Color, 2017, 5x26'
direction: Jandir Santin, Aly Muritiba


he ball runs smoothly. While the RAP echoes of speakers, four friends roam around the track with very different goals. Mari only thinks about the flow that can take her to the end of the CWB Rhymes circuit, the MCs battle’s most famous in the city. Japa is concerned with the sale of Nando products, who tests the boy. Gui hopes that the ball runs smoothly and that the end of the party can go home with the profit of the box office. He needs a lot of money. Café, just wants to enjoy. What they do not know is that their fates will be sealed forever after tonight.



empresa produtora Grafo roteiro Aly Muritiba, Henrique Santos, Jandir Santin direção Aly Muritiba, Jandir Santin direção de fotografia Maurício Baggio direção de arte Laís Melo montagem João Menna Barreto som direto Alexandre Rogoski desenho de som Alexandre Rogoski produção executiva Chris Spode, Marisa Merlo produção Antônio Junior