Fiction, Color, 113', 2015
direction: Aly Muritiba


After the loss of his wife Ana, Fernando becomes a quiet and introspective man, who raises his son Daniel by himself. Every night, while the boy sleeps, he recalls his love by organising her personal belongings. One day he watches one of her VHS tapes and finds out that she had been unfaithful. Fernando decides to get to know the man, who ruined the image he had of his beloved wife.



Production Company Grafo Screenplay Aly Muritiba Director Aly Muritiba Director of photography Pablo Baião Art Director Monica Palazzo Costume Ana Deliberador Film Editing João Menna Barreto Direct Sound Alexandre Rogoski Sound Design Alexandre Rogoski Production Director Ana Catarina, Bruno Costa Executive Producer Antônio Junior, Marisa Merlo Production Antônio Junior, Aly Muritiba, Marisa Merlo