Fiction, Colour, 2024, 75'
direction: George Walker


THE WOMAN WHO CRIES is the coming of age story of Miguel (7), a solitary and curious child from a wealthy family in a Brazilian city who takes refuge from the emotional turmoil around him in his relationship with Carmen (26), an undocumented and enigmatic maid, who has fled Venezuela, her home country, leaving her own son behind.



production companies GRAFO cast SAMANTHA CASTILLO, ZAYAN MEDEIROS, JULIA STOCKLER, REGINA VOGUE, ROSANA STAVIS  screenplay GEORGE WALKER TORRES director GEORGE WALKER TORRES  director of photography LÉO BITTENCOURT art director ISABELLE BITTENCOURT costume PAULA BARP film editing  JULIANA GUANAIS soundtrack Marcos Pantaleoni sound design FELIPPE MUSSEL production director MAX LEEAN executive production RAIANE RODRIGUES production ANTONIO GONÇALVES JUNIOR, DIOGO CAPRIOTTI