Ficction, Color, 2015, 20'
direction: Aly Muritiba, Marja Calafange


In a distant mansion lives a religious and apparently incomplete family: a mother and her two daughters. Until the day which an appearance disturbing comes to put things in their place.



Production Company Grafo Cast Ana Clara Fischer, Giuly Biancato, Luma Domingues Zanetti, Malu Zanetti Domingues Screenplay Aly Muritiba, Marja Calafange Director Aly Muritiba, Marja Calafange Director of Photography Maurício Baggio Art Director Fabiola Bonofiglio Costume Felipe Ramirez Film Editing Aly Muritiba, Guilherme Delamuta Direct Sound Alexandre Rogoski Sound Design Alexandre Rogoski Production Director Ana Catarina, Bruno Costa, William Biagioli Executive Producers Antônio Junior, Marisa Merlo Production Aly Muritiba, Antônio Junior, Marisa Merlo